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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New new new!

Monday was a busy one!  No post yesterday (sorry), but I was quite busy at work, and then working on some new orders once I got home.  I did get to post a few new items in my shop!  Pictures at the end here  :)    Saturday I went to my parent's house to clean for my mom, headed back home, showered up and met up with friends at Amigo's for their Cinco de Mayo block party.  Had a great time there, then we headed to a friend's to grill and celebrate once more for my boyfriend's birthday.  We had some friends stay this weekend, so we wrapped up with a short trip to the beach Sunday - it was a hot one! - then some relaxing at home.  Sunday night we watched the last two episodes of "The Amazing Race" (one week behind, and the finale!)   I'm realizing the shows we watch are coming to the season end, and we'll soon have nothing new to watch, but the positive is, it will give me time to do other things (Etsy, gym, play with my dogs...)

I finally got a hair cut today, much needed. I just figured out it's been 3 months since my last cut!  Getting ready for a busy weekend for Mother's Day.  Don't forget to show your Mom your appreciation for her!  I'm hoping to visting the Paper Source store this weekend - almost 100% sure I will!  Trying to get all my open orders finished and shipped by this Friday.     I'll also be working on a new custom banner, which I will add to my shop in the next week or two.   As always, any phrase or name can be made into a banner, and everything in my shop is customizable! (Is that a word?!)    Looks like it's about to rain here, so I'm going to step away from the computer for now.  Enjoy your evening!