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Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 days til Cinco

Third day in a row!  I'm definitely going to try and post more frequently here.  I can't promise it will be everyday, and most likely I won't post on the weekends, but here's to a good start!   Just two days away from Cinco de Mayo celebrations, today is also my boyfriend's birthday (Happy Birthday!!).  Cinco is probably my favorite of the "non-traditional" holidays (like St. Patty's day).  I love Mexican food and margaritas!  Looking forward to spending some time with friends who are coming to visit this weekend too.

After visiting our friends and their adorable new baby boy (their first child), we stopped for some dinner, then went home and I finished an order, and finished two new banners.  I also stayed up to make a birthday card for my bf, which I am not too experienced in card making, but I'm trying :)    (Photos below of the card, and the lace design on my two new banners!)

  I used a pearly pink ink for the lace design, on my shimmery white cardstock, and black letters.   Love this one!  Once I get all the photos uploaded and edited, I will list these in my shop, and add new photos here! (Pink Pups Designs on Etsy)  Sorry if the photos are a little dark - I used the camera on my phone.

On tonight's agenda:  Taking my bf to dinner for his birthday, finish favor bags order, and relax! I hope there's a good show DVR'd that we can watch (like Revenge. Another favorite!) I would still like to make some new banners, confetti, tags, etc to add to my shop.  I just need some spare time.  Maybe I will put my shop in "Vacation mode" and work on this!

Anyone have some exciting plans for the weekend?  I'll probably post tomorrow too, so check back!  Have a great Thursday!

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