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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy "Hump day"!

Ah, Wednesday.... the day of the week you get a little excited because you know Friday is much closer!  Well, in the case of most of us who work Monday through Friday that is.  On my drive into work this morning (in some slow moving traffic due to road construction) I saw a cute baby alligator, sunbathing on a local golf course.   So cute!  I love animals.. most of them anyway!  If you haven't read my profile on Etsy, I have two dogs - a yellow lab/german shepard mix (Ginger), and a chocolate lab (Jazz).  Both are female, and I refer to them as "My girls" or "The girls" often.  They are my two favorites of course!

Last night I tried something new for dinner.  I made chicken and used one of the new Kraft Fresh Take mixes (Italian Parmesan).  It was yummy!  Served them up with some green beans and a baked potato (half for me, half for my boyfriend).   He loved it, says I should add it to our "Menu".  We have a few foods we like a lot that I try to make once a week - chicken fajitas (or taco salad, but lately it's fajitas), sushi (spicy tuna roll to be exact) with a side of steamed edamame, and now italian parmesan chicken.  :)   Try it sometime!

While eating dinner, we watched The Biggest Loser finale. We watch that show every season.  It's crazy to see how much the contestants change in the few months they are with the show.  Congrats to all of them!

 Plans after work today include: quick gym workout, picking up a few groceries at Publix, then to visit our friends and meet their new baby!  After we get home from that, I need to finish my favor tags & bags for an order, package up some banners to ship, and start on a new order (just got a sale this morning!).  I also started on 2 new banners for my shop: "Gifts" and "Engaged" using my new lace looking stamp. I think shoppers will love that lace one!   I plan to write a post tomorrow, so I'll add more upcoming plans then!  Have a great day!

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