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Friday, May 4, 2012

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday to all!  I hope you have some fun plans this weekend!   Dinner last night was delicious!    We had all kinds of things to eat.  This restaurant's menu changes frequently, since they use mostly fresh local ingredients.  We had calamari, lobster pasta, filet mignon with potatoes gratin, and some red wine.  We came home and I had a surprise small Publix chocolate ice cream cake waiting in the freezer! We had a little bit of that for dessert.  After we were done with cake, I finished the favor bags, and cut some more cardstock for future banners.  Here's a couple photos of the bags:

We did watch Revenge (Yay!), then off to sleep after a little time on the computer.  I was going non-stop this week it seems (SUPER tired today), so I was definitely ready for bed - especially since it was later than I had planned.   I dropped off the lemonhead favors this morning (I usually ship, but she is pretty close to where I live and it was easier than packing and shipping, plus the party is tomorrow), and came to work.  

Tonight we are going to a concert, and then we'll be busy all weekend!  Sometimes you live for the weekend, and sometimes you're happy to have the structure of the work week.

One last thought (feel free to comment!): Do you think that people who are born in the evening are "night people" and those who are born in the morning hours are "morning people"?  Personally, I was born at 5:31 pm and I would definitely say I'm a "night person", as is my boyfriend, who was born at 7:05pm.  Are you a morning or night person, and what was your birth time?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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