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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bloggy, blog!

Happy Monday evening!  I usually dread Mondays, but today started out pretty nicely!  Back in March, a couple I know got married.   A bit before the wedding, she asked if I could custom make a "Guestbook" and "Mr. & Mrs." banner that she had seen (something similar) somewhere else for their wedding. (Of course I said yes!)  So, I did :)     WELL, today, her wedding was published on a blog that I frequently check out!  I had just seen her this past weekend, and she told me their photographer submitted them, and it was supposed to be featured on the blog on June 11th, so looks like she got posted a week early!    Check it out here (Every Last Detail Blog).   There are THREE photos of the banner on the blog today!! (Mr. & Mrs. only - My own photos are below)

Now, these banners are not in my shop, but I can make them for anyone who's interested... in any phrase too!  The weekend was good. Friday we had a dinner date night.  We went to the beach Saturday to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday!  Stayed there a while, had dinner, then headed home.  Sunday we had a typical "Lazy Sunday" around our house.  Just a full day to relax, not do chores/laundry/lawn work, etc.  Sometimes, these days are needed!

 This week is looking pretty good.   My mom is back home now, recooperating in her own bed.  I'm sure she's very happy to be there, plus my dad and their two dogs missed her!  I will be taking a trip to see her sometime soon.  My aunt & uncle are down from Illinois to help her out too when my dad has to work, so it is always nice to visit with them!  (**My uncle and I share the same birthday - different years of course!)  AND if you're reading this - a special Happy Birthday to my cousin Tammy!! (one daughter of this same aunt & uncle who are currently visiting)  Hope you had a wonderful day!

Off to watch some tv, then bed a little earlier than usual.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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